Pickuki is essentially an online application that lets you download all the images of your Instagram account at no cost. It’s easy to use because you do not have to log in or register, and all you have to do is input the ID number of a specific Instagram photo, then access it for downloading.

Also, unlike other online downloader tools it offers great functionalities such as the possibility to edit other users’ photos within the web browser without needing certain programs on your computer.

All in all, Pickuki seems like an attractive tool for downloading pictures from IG accounts.


Pickuki allows two methods of using it. The first is to view images from users’ accounts by typing in their username into the search bar.

The second is to use hashtags, which will bring up all photos and other media that describe things relating to the hashtag’s meaning.


You can use a tool called Pickuki as an online image downloader. To download pictures from another person’s Instagram account with this free tool, do the following:

Let’s get you set up on IG. You’ll need to enter your name along with the person whom you wish to check out.

If you don’t have any celebrities in mind, then let’s check a random person out. Here we go… Click on “Login” and now you’ll have to enter your email address. Afterward, choose the password for entry into Pickuki as well as the account that is used.

 Once inside of Pickuki, you can look around and see what all is available for viewing by clicking on the tabs located at the top left corner of your screen like this one here called “Tweets” – it shows all notice-worthy things tweeted from that particular account!

This next tab here is called “Recent Posts” and it shows anything posted on that person’s Instagram profile! Now we are entering into your account…you’re almost there! Next, click on the tag labeled “Feed” which allows pictures or posts to load onto your screen…and there they are: photos of IG posts from the selected account!

7. As soon as you’ve entered the post image, to download it, simply click “Download.” Alternatively, if you choose to use your own IG images that are available on Pickuki sites including Mysharebutton, there will be no issue with the thumbnail size getting smaller as all of our images are already at full size.


To see Instagram photos by searching hashtags Follow the steps below.1. Access to Pickukilike first before pressing the search box.2. Enter the hashtag you’d like to search for and then click “search” and then the “search icon”.3. Click “Tags” above the search results.4.

The hashtags that are candidates for use are listed by tapping the hashtag you wish to look up.5. The results of hashtag searches are displayed and you can view the pictures that were posted by scrolling through the screen—now , you can view them from their tags!


There are many benefits to Pickuki’s online based application – one of the top ones being that you can edit pictures of yourself and others online. This feature is not offered by other Instagram downloaders, which makes Pickuki special.


By using Pickuki, you can view Instagram stories without logging into your Instagram account. Access the profile page of the person you wish to learn more about on Pickuki.

Then, click on the “Stories” button on your profile menu. The image will be displayed in 2 places: the lower right section of your screen, and at the top of your News Feed underneath a red bar.

After pressing this button, you will be free to view content from others’ accounts even if you’re not logged into Instagram!

If a video story isn’t playing or it won’t open at all (as is often due to download/upload issues), click on the video file itself and press play. This will allow you to open it in either Google Play or YouTube’s native app without leaving Pickuki!

Q.1 Your footprints are erased when you browse Instagram via Pickuki?

Most of the time, when you look at a post on Instagram, you see an impression. If you want to view that same post without seeing how many impressions and comments it has, go online to Pickuki which will let you view your Instagram story with no footprints.

Additionally, if you frequently frequent your Instagram stories you may wish to see them all in one place or be able to search for specific ones easily.

Q.2 Are you sure that Pickuki legal and secure?

Using Instagram anonymously is considered to be secure and safe. This method is completely legal, so you don’t have to worry about any unwanted mishaps while capturing beautiful photos on your Instagram account!

Q.3 What can I do accomplish with pickuki.com?

Find popular figures who routinely ask their followers’ opinions in relation to certain topics and comment on them.

Hashtags can be searched either by name or simply by model of smartphone for all Android phone users, so you’ll get a clear, unbiased look at how people feel about certain ideas and organizations if enough people gather around that hashtag.

Q.4 What can I’t accomplish on pickuki.com?

Want to learn more about my profile? Take a look at my social media links and blog – this is where I keep up with trends in the tech industry. And finally, before you go, don’t forget check out the livestreams so you can always be on top of what’s new in our world!

Q.5 Do I see the red key (private account)?

Please note – you may run into problems when attempting to access any Instagram accounts that are set as private; it seems to be a limitation of the existing Instagram API.

There is however, a known workaround related to logging onto the targeted account from your own and then using your browser’s inbuilt private browsing incognito tool or a similar version that lets you ascertain whether the target user has set their account as private after all.

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