Pikuki Instagram Editor and Viewer

Pikuki Instagram Editor and Viewer

Pikuki Instagram Editor and Viewer: Pikuki is an editable Instagram tool. One who uses Pikuki can view anyone’s Instagram account and make edits to it. This includes editing followers, posts, tags and locations featured on that person’s page.

Pikuki also allows routine checks of what is trending in one’s niche so that users can stay relevant in the business world by knowing which content is responding best to their target audience at any given time.

An added bonus to this awesome application is that there are no requirements for a user to “commit” or follow someone on Instagram – all a user needs is his or her Web browser and access to the internet!

The USP Of Pikuki

The unique selling point of Pikuki is its ability to view Instagram photos and profiles without actually having an Instagram account. The tool is especially useful for people who want to view Instagram content but do not want to create an account.

In addition to that, Pikuki makes sure that nothing is tracked. As an Instagram user, other users won’t be able to see your activity on their profiles or in the Instagram app itself.

Pikuki: Available For Free

Pikuki can be used for free because of the ad-supported model that it employs. This means you don’t have to worry about spending any money on using Pikuki.

The Usage Of Pikuki

Pikuki is an app similar to Instagram that allows users to readily browse for and share photos under several hashtags.

Users can also interact with other users on the network, view and like their photos, watch videos without leaving the platform and use geotagging functionalities like clicking on the locations of the photos from maps in order to visit various places.

With Pikuki, it is also possible to download the Instagram content without actually signing in from the actual Instagram profiles.

Because your activities are then masked and encrypted, it feels safer and secure when browsing Instagram content on Pikuki.

How To Use Pikuki?

The Pikuki web-based tool can be set up and accessed from any popular browser like Google Chrome and Safari.

From your chosen browser, enter the official website link of Pikuki in the address bar.

Once the home page of Pikuki opens up, click on the enter button. It is recommended to check the menu bar which is located at the top section of the website to see what options are available on Pikuki.

To view a person’s page on Pikuki, users are able to search for that type of person as long as they have a username. One can also decide whether to look only at that one individual or not.

After making the decision to analyze either one person or many people, you click search and after selecting the profile the content can be viewed in detail.

Is It Legal To Use Pikuki?

Before the rise of the Pikuki app, many users were wondering whether their behavior was legal or not when it came to browsing Instagram anonymously. It’s a good thing to know that browsing is considered legal by Instagram and thus using Pikuki does carry that legal risk. Pikuki takes care of all the details for you.

How To Block A User In Pikuki?

It’s possible to block a user on Pikuki. To do this, visit the profile page of the user. Then click on the settings panel button in the upper-right corner of the profile picture.

The final step is to hit “Block” on their user card which will mark that user as one being blocked by you, them not seeing any content from you and not being able to message you or add you as friends.


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